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Iliyan Darganov and Borislav Petrov

Кометата Холмс

Submitted: Oct 30, 2007 -- 22:56 UT

Image taken: Oct. 30, 2007

Location: Varna, Bulgaria

Details: Canon 350d, Celestron 11" CGE prime focus, total exposure = 48 sec.,


Iliyan-Darganov-and-Borislav-Petrov-comet holmes 30 1193784955.jpg

Rosita Kokotanekova

Кометата Холмс

Submitted: Oct 30, 2007 -- 20:35 UT

Image taken: Oct. 30, 2007

Location: Haskovo, Bulgaria

Details: The comet 17P/Holmes is magnificent. After a couple of cloudy nights at last

we managed to see it from the center of Haskovo, Bulgaria.

Rosita-Kokotanekova-DSC03397-nadpis 1193776433 med.jpg
Rosita-Kokotanekova-IMG 1423-malka 1193776433 med.jpg
Rosita-Kokotanekova-IMG 1442 malka 1193776433 med.jpg

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